Ultrasonic Cleaning provides a suitable solution to the periodic clogging of Blood and Ink in the tattooing equipment. Due to the usage, the machine is likely to get clogged and Ultrasonic provides through cleaning solution for this problem. Ultrasonic cleaning of tattoo equipment ensures that it is thoroughly clean before you get into the sterilization process. This not only ensures the proper functioning of the machine but also helps the machine to get decontaminated with foreign substances and blood stains. All the more, the process of Ultrasonic Cleaning elongates the life of the Tattoo Equipment significantly. Ultrasonic cleaners are the ideal way to give a thorough pre-sterilization scrubbing to your tattoo kit which gives much superior results to manual cleaning.

Cleaning tattoo equipment using ultrasonic cleaners helps eradicate all of the annoyance that is normally associated with any cleaning job. More especially so when you are dealing with precision parts and instruments used in tattooing. Ultrasonic cleaning replaces manual soaking and scrubbing.

We at R.K.Transonic Engineers have specially designed tanks for the cleaning of Tattooing Equipments. The machines are made for robust usage to give you perfected results at every wash.

What is Ultrasonic Cleaner & How does it Work?

An Ultrasonic Cleaner comprises of a tank (with different sizes), motor/ circuit for cleaning the Surgical Items, a removable basket / tray. To begin the cleaning process, the cleaning tank is filled with warm water or a cleaning solution. Cleaning solutions can consist of non-ionic surfactants & detergents.. You can then place the Surgical Item(s) in a small basket and place that basket inside the tank.

When you switch on the machine, ultrasound waves and chemicals combined to create bubbles that “cling” to the foreign particles such as dirt, oil, and unknown substances. The high frequency waves are sent out and pull the contaminants off of the object. The vibrating motion of the ultrasonic waves creates tiny bubbles in the water known as cavitation; millions of these bubbles rubs against each-other and into the object resting in the cleaning tank. This cavitation process gently knocks dirt & stain off the object. The motion is very effective at penetrating the tiny crevices which is not possible via human hand or by dunking the instrument in water/ chemical alone.

The Ultrasonic Cleaning Cycle time for the Surgical Instruments is approximately 3-5 Minutes depending upon the quantity of objects placed in the basket as well as the level of contamination of the same. Once you set the timer, the machine does its work in few minutes and the dirt now rests in the bottom of the tank. The cavitation effect blasts the particles off the instrument’s surface and leaves them in the solution. You can now remove the basket along with the Instruments and clean them with a dry soft cloth.


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About rktransonic

We are the Manufacturers of Ultrasonic Precision Cleaning Equipments for Industrial Purpose.

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